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New and Distracting Projects

I made a mistake. I was very appreciative to my brother for the time he had taken to help me with work that became the basis for my masters thesis. Because of this I said 'for sure ill help you shoot your kickstarter campaign'. Now I am months deep and tens if not hundreds of hours of footage and audio wasted. The story, the product is impenetrable. I am left knowing that I have the power to do the work and make the video transcendent. But I am also left with the knowledge that if it doesn't succeed then I will be alone with a large amount of the blame. I will link to it here when It is finished but in the mean-time it promises to take all my free time and a large amount of my energy.
I will see you on the other side.

The Prototype

This morning I removed the latest prototype from my press after it had spent the last three days alternating between drying in open air and under pressure. It hadn't been opened since the turn-ins were set and the end paper / pockets glued down. 

These images are of the version I was hoping to tweak but leave relatively the same.

Needless to say I had a lot of expectations for the book coming out of the press this morning. The previous version (seen in the images above) had a lot of things going for it that I liked. The page size is right at 3" x 4.5", 160pp is enough and it hasn't gotten too bulky even with the 100% cotton paper, pockets are good and roomy yet unobtrusive, but most of all the action of the spine is perfect. I have been studying the springback binding structure and had just completed a very large example of which for a watercolor painter. After a handful of unsuccessful endeavors to wrangle the temperamental mistress that is parchment into what I wa…