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Guards - Books Made to be filled with Paper and Photographs

Recently I took up a project for a carpenter friend of mine that includes a matched set of books. One will be used as his personal sketchbook, the other a portfolio. As I was working on the design and layout of the portfolio I realized I didn't have a very good method for making guards consistently. ( side note, the method described below is one I came up with organically by working at my bench. Considering the ease in which it makes perfectly sized guards I'd be surprised if I was the first to come up with it but I wasn't able to find any other instructions online to describe the technique I employed.)
Tools needed:
Knife - olfa, x acto or sharpened bench knife
Slightly sharpened bone folder
Steel rule set - I found them to be an indispensable tool here.
Cutting mat

The basic idea is that three dividers/rulers can be used so that no manual measuring and marking will be needed in the making of the guards. In this example I am making ½” guards; strips of paper as lon…