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Current Projects

This week saw the completion of a long term project for an illustrator friend of mine (pictures etc. to come soon). Now, reinvigorated, I have started work on a design that I have been turning over in my head for a couple years now. A small, pocketable, hard wearing, hand bound notebook. A book that is created without compromise, where the best materials and best techniques meet.

First, I choose parchment for the cover material. Though not necessarily a familiar material for me it offered many seductive promises, archival, reliable, indestructible. The more I read the more I realize that a great number of medieval books that have survived intact are covered in the material. It offers warmth and richness while being hard and durable. Plasticity while containing an attitude, indomitable will. Working with it has been a pleasure, stone that can be made mailable with moisture then desiccated back to stone once again.