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Tackling Springs in Winter

Since I learned about the spring-back bookbinding structure a couple years ago I knew that I had found what I had been looking for. The spring-back is a structure that allows for the pages in a book to open completely flat while open. Unlike other structures that can achieve this feat as well, a spring-back bound book doesn't skimp on protective spine linings and other structural concerns to make this happen. While the method employed to make this happen can apply undue stress on the joints, as compared to other binding structures, it can be overcome with small adjustments to the historical method. Now that I have a greater understanding of the spring-back I am continuing to test various different materials for use in the joints, the spine linings (clowthings) even the sewing support materials. While my attempts as of yet have not yielded any discoveries I am confident that I have started to narrow down the possibilities and I am excited that the fruits of this lab…

Looking Foward to the Cold Season

I have always had a tendency to become introspective when the days shorten and fall bleeds into winter. I've been thinking about how I came to book binding in the first place and how I ended up with degrees in photography instead. Physicality, permanence, a fleeting moment captured. At the time these were the things that attracted me to photography but I couldn't explain that besides blindly referencing to 'the very essence of photography'. The time I spent in the darkroom, light, time, chemistry; resulting in a physical manifestation that was precious. But it was more, it was the very first time I could speak and feel heard. When I speak out loud I mince my words, stumble, I get anxious and go blank. Photography was the first time I had a language I could command with authority.
I remember when I was young, warm bright sunny days, sitting in front of a reproduction baroque bookshelf with claw and ball feet and glass paneled doors. This was my favorite pi…